Mission & Vission

Our vision is to become the leading global supplier of quality dates and date products. With over thirty years experience in the industry, our goal and mission is driven by customer satisfaction. Our facilities in all over the world have a 30,000 ton storage capacity, and turnover reaches 50,000 tons a year, making us one of the biggest date dealers in the world.


We take utmost care from the very beginning which is consolidation of the produce of date farms. Ensuring the dates are rigorously checked for consistency and quality, great taste, and free from insect infections, we then store them in brand new state of the art cold rooms. The quality and freshness of the dates are maintained by ensuring the dates are kept at the right temperature and right conditions with hygiene being a priority throughout the entire process. The dates are thoroughly washed and fumigated, before packaging and all of our work is carried out to HACCP and ISO standards.

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