About Us

NLST is one of the largest companies in Pakistan for producing varities of dates and other dry fruits. We are a firm that concentrate on these fruits specifically in order to deliver them to people who love eating them and who are aware of their healthy benefits.


We have our own farms to produce many of the world famous varities of dates and dry fruits. Our company has its own factory which produce finest quality of fruits. The methods for growing dates have been used for thousands of years. They are labor intensive and each date is born of hard work, lots of sunshine, plenty of irrigated water and natural fertilizers.


These dates and fruits are further distributed to our various branches in Pakistan. We export our product to various other countries as well.


Our goal is to make our farm an exemplar of sustainable and regenerative agriculture, an egalitarian and stimulating work environment and a profitable, remote business. And of course, to sell the very, very best dates and dry fruits!

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